CFP: Arab Women in Latin America

CFP: Arab Women in Latin America

“Call for Abstracts/Papers. New Deadline: March 31, 2010

Topic: “Arab Women in Latin America”

Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW)
Lebanese American University
Beirut, Lebanon

The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at the
Lebanese American University is soliciting articles for a forthcoming
issue of its quarterly publication al-Raida on the topic: “Arab Women in
Latin America”

The presence of Lebanese and Arab communities throughout Latin America
and the Caribbean can be traced back to the late 19th century, with
subsequent waves of migration linked to regional socio-political and
economic factors. Recent scholarly interest in Levantine communities
throughout Latin America has sought to retrace the history of this
migration, thus enriching our understanding of both Latin America and
the Arab culture in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This issue
of Al-Raida seeks to add to this new-found interest by focusing on the
role Lebanese and Arab women have played in the transplanting of
Lebanese and Arab communities to Latin America. What role have gender
differences played in the Lebanese and Arab experience in Latin America?

Topics of interest may include, but are not limited, to the following:

*       Reassessing the scholarship of the Arab presence in Latin
America: How do we interpret the absence of women’s scholarship in the

*       Intergenerational dynamics and cultural identity shifts during
acculturation: Women as the missing link in Arab cultural preservation.

*       Lebanese and Arab women’s contribution to Latin American
literature, arts, and politics.

*       Double patriarchies: contending with male dominance from the
Arab world to Latin America

This issue of al-Raida will also welcome book reviews, testimonies,
commentary/opinion pieces, and especially images (photography, painting)
of relevance to the topic of Arab Women in Latin America.

If you are interested in contributing to this issue of Al-Raida, kindly
send your abstract (250-300 words) by March 31, 2010. All abstracts
submitted are reviewed by Al-Raida’s editorial staff and are subject to
its approval. Once the abstract is approved contributors will have to
submit their paper no later than June 15, 2011. Submissions are accepted
in English, Arabic or French. All non-English submissions will be
translated by IWSAW and published in English following the approval of
the author.

This journal edition will be edited by Dr. Dr. George Abdelnour,
Director of the Center for Applied Research in Education (CARE) and
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Humanities, at Notre Dame University –
Louaize, Lebanon. Kindly send your emails simultaneously to the managing
editor, Ms. Myriam Sfeir, and to the guest
editor, Dr. George

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