"Encounters in the Mediterranean"

"Encounters in the Mediterranean"

A conference to be held at

University of California at Riverside

May 14 and 15, 2010

Fariba Zarinebaf (History, UC Riverside) and Terry Burke (History, UCSC)

The World History Workshop invites proposals for papers for “Encounters in the Mediterranean” a conference to be held at the University of California at Riverside on May 14 and 15, 2010.

Proposed papers can be from any period from ancient times to the present, but must explicitly invoke a world history frame. While individual papers can be proposed, we prefer proposals for panels (3-4 papers). Comparative as well as theoretical work that bears upon the Mediterranean, or on conceptualizing maritime and regional spaces more generally, is also invited.

Possible topics may include (1) ancient world history and the Mediterranean (including the Indo-Mediterranean); (2) methodological discussions of the Mediterranean in world history in the light of work on other world spaces; (3) the Mediterranean and/in the world after 1492; (the Mediterranean and its neighbors: Africa, W. Europe, E. Europe, central Asia, South Asia); (4) the roots of the modern Mediterranean; (5) the Mediterranean in the Cold War; (6) the contemporary Mediterranean.; (7) gender and patriarchy in the Mediterranean; (8) Attempts to study other maritime spaces (Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Atlantic) using the templates derived from studies of the Mediterranean.

Please send proposals to either Fariba Zarinabaf (faribaz@ucr.edu) or Terry Burke (eburke@ucsc.edu)

The “World History Workshop” supports research by UC Faculty and graduate students in world history. It is funded by a grant from the UC President’s office.
Travel and housing costs for all presenters will be reimbursed by the

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