Free Basic Nahuatl Course in Tucson

Free Basic Nahuatl Course in Tucson

Piyali Notequixpohuan (hello my friends),

The Nahuatl Language Project (NLP) would like to cordially linvite you to our FREE Basic Nahuatl Course. The NLP is proud to offer a Basic Nahuatl Course that teaches Modern Nahuatl, and Classic Nahuatl. Variants of Modern Nahuatl are presently spoken throughout Mexico and Central America. Classical Nahuatl was written and spoken during Mexico’s colonial period and was the language spoken by the Mexica (also known as Aztecs).


The goal of the FREE Basic Nahuatl Course is to expose students to fundamental concepts of the Nahuatl language. The NLP will also help students connect with intensive Nahuatl courses where they can strengthen the skills they learn through the NLP. The NLP also offers its members help with drafting and editing fellowship and grant applications for language programs. NLP members have successfully applied for grants and fellowships and are willing to share their knowledge.

Through the NLP’s Basic Nahuatl Course students will learn:

·       Basic conversation skills (for example: my name is X. I am X years old. How are you?)

·       Basics structure and syntax of the Nahuatl Language

·       How to translate documents written in Nahuatl from Mexico’s colonial period (1521-1810 CE)

The class is tentatively set to begin on Friday 4/19/2013 at 4PM and will be held every Friday from 4-5 PM in Social Sciences building room 128. If this time and day does not work for you, email, if enough people are interested, we are willing to reschedule.

Classes are weekly and are one hour long. Classes alternate between Classical and Modern. Most materials are provided for free with a few exceptions that you can purchase on Amazon or other retailers. If you are interested in attending please contact Edward Anthony Polanco at You can also like us

on facebook.

The Basic Nahuatl Course is FREE and open to UA students, faculty and Tucson community members. Please distribute this email widely.

Timoittazceh (see you later),


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