Jaguars, Eagles and Feathered Serpents: Mesoamerica Re-explored An Homage to Michael Coe

Jaguars, Eagles and Feathered Serpents: Mesoamerica Re-explored An Homage to Michael Coe

This conference will be held at California State University Los Angeles.


I will update with more details as they become available.



Friday, April 12, 2013

8:00 am           Registration

9:30 am           Opening Remarks

9:45 am           Leonardo López Luján (INAH)
Urban Archaeology in Downtown Mexico City and the Proyecto Templo Mayor

10:15 am         Saburo Sugiyama (Arizona State / INAH) / Tenoch Medina (INAH)
Time and space Materialized in the Templo Mayor Architecture: A New 3D Map of the Sacred Precinct of Tenochtitlan

15 minute break

11:00 am         María Barajas Rocha (INAH)
Conservation of the Tlaltecuhtli Monolith and Archaeological Objects Recovered During the 7th Field Season of Proyecto Templo Mayor

11:30 am         Ximena Chávez Balderas (INAH)
Effigies of the Dead: Ritual Decapitation and Skull Modification at the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan

12:00 pm         Amaranta Arguelles (INAH)
A Cosmogonic Ritual at the Foot of the Tenochtitlan’s Templo Mayor

12:30 pm lunch

1:45 pm          Leonardo López Luján (INAH)
Tenochtitlan’s Gold: The Archaeological Collection of Proyecto Templo Mayor

2:30 pm          John M.D. Pohl (UCLA)
The Toltec Ballgame: Rewards, Titles and Position in Postclassic Society

15 minute break

3:30 pm              Guilhem Olivier (UNAM)
Myth and Ritual of Access to Power in the Central Part of the Codex Borgia: A Proposal

4:15 pm          Manuel Aguilar-Moreno (CSULA)
The Millenialist Utopia of the Indian Jerusalem: Indian-Christian Art and Transculturation in 16th Century Mexico

5:30 pm          Q & A

6 pm               Reception with Mexican Snacks and Mariachi



Saturday, April 13, 2013

8:30 am          Registration

9:30 am          Opening Remarks

9:45 am          Claudia Garcia-Des Lauriers (CalPoly Pomona)
Tlaloc on the Coast: Teotihuacan and Los Horcones, Chiapas

10:30 am         Megan O’Neil (BMCC-CUNY)
Topic TBA

15 minute break

11:30 am            Oswaldo Chinchilla (Yale)
Atle itlacauhca, without Flaw: The Young Gods of the Maya and Aztec

12:15 am         Mary Miller (Yale)
The Bonampak Murals: A Performance at the Maya Court

1 pm lunch

2:15 pm         Stephen D. Houston (Brown)
Run, Don’t Walk: Sacred Movement among the Classic Maya

3:00 pm         Robert H. Cobean (INAH)
Research at Ancient Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico: The Recent INAH Projects

15 minute break

4:00 pm              Karl Taube (UCR)
The Living Faces of Maize of Ancient Mesoamerica

4:45 pm          Award Ceremony

5:15 pm          Michael Coe (Yale)
Chocolate and the Mesoamerican Mind

6:00 pm          Q & A

6:30 pm          Autograph & Photograph Opportunities



ADMISSION: $15 Public / $10 All University Students / CSULA students receive an ASI discount

For more details follow us on Facebook:  AHS (Art History Society at CSULA)

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