Researching at the Archivo Histórico de la Casa de Moneda de México

Researching at the Archivo Histórico de la Casa de Moneda de México

AHCMMThe AHCMM is located in the Museo Numismático Nacional in the Centro Historico in CDMX. The neighborhood is hectic and not pleasing to the eye, but it is safe during the day as long you take precautions. The AHCMM has documents started from the mid seventeenth century and the bulk of its material really begins in the eighteenth. People interested in minting and mining in central Mexico will find gems here. Yet, there are also some nuggets regarding indigenous peoples in New Spain at large.

Consultation Hours:

8:30AM to 3:30PM, Mon-Fri

How to arrive:

This area is not the safest in the world, but you should be able to navigate around without any problems if you take precautions. Do not use your cellphone or any other device without paying attention to your surroundings. Make sure you keep all of your valuables tucked away in your backpack or pockets. There are tons of cops and as long as you are vigilant, you should be fine. I would advise you to stay clear of this area at night, unless you know someone (or are someone) from the area. If you are having trouble finding the archive, ask for Argentina y Bolivia. I think finding those streets will be your best bet.

There are four main ways to get to the AHCMM:

  • Metro: Get to the blue line and get off on Allende, or from the Green line get off on Lagunilla.
  • Metrobus: Get to the linea 4 and get off on Republica de Argentina and walk North on Republica de Argentina and make a right on Bolivia.
  • Ecobici, there is an ecobici station on Argentina and the San Ildefonso alley.
  • Taxi or UBER: like always this will be the most expensive option. Ask for the Rebulica de Argentina and Repuplica de Bolivia or the Museo Numismático Nacional.

Consultation/ Image Reproduction

  • Transcribing
    • You can either type your transcriptions on a laptop, or write them down on paper.
  • Photography and Reproduction
    • You can take digital pictures of images at no cost.

What You Need to Register:

  • Letter of Introduction (typically from your adviser)

What You Need to Consult Documents:

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