Salutations and Other Basics in Nahuatl

Salutations and Other Basics in Nahuatl

This page is intended for academic use as a tool to help students hear a native speaker of Nahuatl (Catalina de la Cruz Cruz) pronounce words and phrases. None of the files on this page or the rest of the site should be used without prior consent, and can never be used for commercial purposes.

Esta página fue creada para uso académico solamente con el fin de que los estudiantes del náhuatl puedan escuchar a una nativo hablante (Catalina de la Cruz Cruz) pronunciar palabras y frases. Ninguna parte de esta página o sitio se puede usar sin consentimiento previo y expreso. Ninguna parte se podrá usar para propósitos comerciales.


Salutations and the Basics

The words contained in these recordings were done in the conventions of la Huasteca Veracruzana. Other dialects of Nahuatl might use different words, please keep that in mind. The pronunciation also follows the style of la Huasteca Veracruzana.



Yes – Si



Problem – Problema


It is good/okay – Esta bien


Salutation (used among women) – Saludo (usado entre mujeres)


Good, okay, very well (denotes approval, acceptance, agreement, assent, or acknowledgment) – Bueno (denota aprobación)


I salute (greet) you (used among Macehualmeh) – Saludo (usado entre macehualmeh)


Salutation – Saludo


Salutation (used for coyomeh) – Saludo (para coyomeh)


See you later – Nos vemos


See you soon – Nos vemos pronto


Salutation (Used among men) – Salud0 (Usado entre hombres)


Thank you – Gracias


What’s up? – ¿Que paso? (Saludo)


Forgive me / Sorry – Perdon/ Lo Siento


There isn’t any – No hay

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