The Numbers in Colonial Nahuatl (0-20)

The Numbers in Colonial Nahuatl (0-20)

These are the numbers commonly found in documents from the Central Valley of Mexico in the colonial period. They can differ from other dialects of Nahuatl spoken outside of the Central Valley both in the colonial period and now.

Click here to see the Numbers up to 20 in la Huasteca Veracruzana


English – Nahuatl

Zero – Yonce

One – Ce

Two – Ome

Three – Eyi

Four – Nahui

Five – Macuilli

Six – Chicuace

Seven – Chicome

Eight – Chicueyi

Nine – Chiucnahui

Ten – Mahtlactli

Eleven – Mahtlactli huan ce

Twelve – Mahtlactli huan ome

Thirteen – Mahtlacatli huan eyi

Fourteen – Mahtlactli huan nahui

Fifteen – Caxtolli

Sixteen – Caxtolli huan ce

Seventeen – Caxtolli huan ome

Eighteen – Caxtolli huan eyi

Nineteen – Caxtolli huan nahui

Twenty – Cempohualli

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